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2010-02-02 21:12:43 by GHOR7

Join this collab. 40756

So far i've been working for the RE2 collab for a while, headed by Gustavos and Prime45664. They have only seven reliable members of the collab pending, and more members are needed to submit good, funny, and quality RE flash to include in the collab. The link is 18001/1
I hope somebody out there considers joining.

Go suck a candy cane.

2009-12-20 13:20:38 by GHOR7

Just kidding.
Ah, I love Christmas and the holidays. So many happy people, so many candy canes to eat, and you get to demand free stuff from your family.
Course, school's not so fun. I had to create a bridge out of balsa wood that could hold two pounds. I'm not a freaking architect. And a poetry analysis assignment. I hate poetry, it's so hard to create. And I have to analyze it, c'mon.
No flash work so far. Too busy playing COD4 Reflex and watching old American Dad episodes.(So what if I only have a wii i dont give a crap) BTW Reflex is possibly the best game on the Wii so far, multiplayer-wise. I'm officially addicted, and i'm stuck between the satisfaction of Prestige Mode or the satisfaction of PWNING NOOBS WITH A GRENADE LAUNCHER.
Tiger Woods... hahaha.
If anyone has a good idea of a good flash or something i'm open for ideas that don't TOTALLY SUCK.

Go suck a candy cane.

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

2009-12-02 19:15:15 by GHOR7

Well, there's not much happening besides school, COD4 and sleeping. I haven't gotten more specific comments about my RE2 rough draft so I really can't work on it. Found out I burn 926 calories per day doing nothing. And the subject above is probably the most gut-pounding six words ever in the history of mankind ever.
For some reason I have like every Golden Sun animation in existince.
You don't know Golden Sun? Go suck a cockalorum.
A little man with an unduly high opinion of himself.

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

All aboard the REC 2 train

2009-11-08 17:24:19 by GHOR7

I've been accepted to do a part for the resident evil collab two, i'm very exited and frantically working on my part.
In other news, my first quarter of high school is finished, i'm 1/16th of the way there.
And a question: should I change my banner or not? Say what you think by commenting on this news post.

All aboard the REC 2 train


2009-11-01 17:27:40 by GHOR7


Just started high school...

2009-09-02 18:13:33 by GHOR7

Man, summer's over and i'm starting high school as a freshman. Man it sucks, cause my school is like the only one in the area that starts before labor day. Uh. Gonna slow down my flash work by a lot.

Stuff I'm working on

2009-07-25 10:01:23 by GHOR7

Right now i'm working on an 'awesome' flash... it's 'star awesome', a parody of Star Wars. It is going to feature the last movie. Well, i'm not a Stargeek, but I have seen the movies.
I'm only working on that, flash-wise. I can only do two things at a time because i'm writing a book now... it's about a colony of cats that exterminate every single species on the planet. It's called...
wait for it...
The Purrfect Cataclysm.
Yup. It's a humor book.

I knew this was gonna happen eventually. Pico's in the flash portal, darnell is in the audio portal, and now nene is used for the art portal... but it was a good move. Two days after it came out, thousands of posts came out...
I also made an art post... it's a tree.


2009-05-27 17:33:47 by GHOR7

wow, new wide-screen flash stuff. Whew. I preferred it the old way, but it's pretty cool, especially the new light/dark button. You copied off Hulu newgrounds!!!!1

Anyways, you can find me at Facebook, or actually e-mail me at Yeah, it's still ghor. You got a problem with that?

Oh yeah, stamper's a pervert.